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Why Choose a uPVC Door?

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

uPVC DoorFor those of you who are looking to replace your existing doors or are planning to install a new door for your home, you will be happy to know that you have different options to choose from. Doors today come in a wide range of materials, including the traditional wood, of course, but it’s worth taking a closer look at the merits of a uPVC door.

What is a uPVC door?
You may have already heard of uPVC – after all, it’s a material used in building and construction, particularly when it comes to pipes and gutters. UPVC as a material has some definite advantages, making it useful for doors and windows as well. UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, and when it is used in doors, it often covers an inner core of steel, making a uPVC door more inherently durable and tougher than a wooden door.

The main advantages of choosing a uPVC door
Style, design, and versatility
Some of you may have some concerns with regards to the look of a uPVC door. One great aspect about a uPVC door is that it can come in different styles and sizes, from the classic to the rustic and modern. Whatever design suits your fancy; you can have a uPVC door made just like it. A uPVC door can also be cut into different shapes and sizes, making it fully customisable according to your needs and requirements.

When it comes to design and versatility, a uPVC door has more to offer than you think. It can be glazed, and it can also come in different colours and finishes, from wood grains like antique oak to rosewood or cherry wood, or the more contemporary white, blue, green, or red.

Needless to say, a uPVC door lasts much longer than a regular wooden door. Why? Because of how it is constructed. A uPVC door is weather resistant and waterproof, eliminating the risk of warping (common in wooden doors), bending, or rotting. As we all know, wooden doors can be prone to warping, bending them out of shape, which means that they may have to be repaired or replaced every so often. A uPVC door maintains its shape for decades, even with the most extreme weather and temperature changes and conditions.

Easy maintenance
UPVC doors are also easy to maintain. The door simply needs to be wiped down regularly with a clean, damp cloth. The locks may need to be oiled occasionally to prevent them from becoming stiff, but this is a standard with most types of doors.

Better insulation
Noise and temperature insulation is a major issue for most homeowners today. If you are bothered by external noise, a uPVC door is a good choice at bringing noise levels down because it is better insulated than regular wooden doors. Thermal insulation is also another advantage, as a uPVC door is effective at keeping cold out and warmth in, thus reducing your energy consumption as well. And with reduced energy consumption, you can lower your energy bills in the long term.

Better security
Security is another issue that we are all concerned with. But with uPVC doors like those available from Safe Door UK, this is not a major issue because the door’s galvanised steel core ensures that it cannot be broken down and broken into like wooden doors.