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How To Avoid A Plumbing Repair Disaster

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Plumbing RepairEach of us plays an important role in maintaining a healthy environment and the first step begins at home by hiring a water system professional who is knowledgeable in the immediate region. Whether commercial or business, a properly managed septic system not only safeguards your personal environment, it preserves overall air and ecological surroundings for the local population. In fact, communities consisting of 1000 people symbolize 71% of Canada’s private waste-water production. Communities ranging in population of 50,000 to 500,000 residents make up 53% of waste water generation. These statistics reflect the importance of utilizing an experienced, local professional with the necessary industry credentials for dealing with both rural and high-population regions. Hiring a fully licensed and insured plumber provides assurance that all installations, service plans, and maintenance concepts meet localized industry standards and guidelines while practicing good environmental habits.

Accessing a local professional provides the additional benefit of an expert skilled in immediate environmental features, i.e. water levels, annual precipitation amounts, underground tributaries, local inspection standards, and installation requirements. Additionally, residential and commercial owners access stat- of-the-art techniques, such as advanced drain line camera inspections, hydro flushing techniques, plumbing line restoration, and repair detection while implementing safeguards for avoiding a plumbing disaster. Equally important is the selection of a local professional who protects the environment by utilizing environmentally-friendly cleaning and odour-control products rather than harsh chemicals.

With an impressive portfolio of experience, local plumber technicians, such as those found at HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, bring a wealth of environmental knowledge for understanding regional weather conditions, as well as the devastating effects it can have on water pipes, underground water pressure, flow, and circulation. Highly skilled craftsmen know local landscapes and climate fluctuations and apply necessary measures for avoiding disastrous situations, such as frozen pipes, underground root damage, and confined space repairs. Harsh winter storms and high rainfall amounts drastically affect water table levels and overwork a poorly functioning septic system. Should a major breakdown occur, fixing the problem may involve expensive earth-moving machines, unsightly ground digging, and large service fees. A well-established localized professional offers 24 hour, seven-day per week service availability and support during an emergency, while applying industry expertise for avoiding a costly disaster in the first place.

Canada reflects a seven zone weather environment with capabilities for producing large annual snow and rainfall amounts, as well aggressive storm patterns that wreak havoc on a poorly maintained water flow system. With continuously fluctuating ground and atmospheric conditions, skilled experts apply in-depth techniques for detecting damage unseen to the naked eye. Many plumbing services lead to larger issues because a hired individual failed to detect serious hidden flaws or applied insufficient repairing concepts. Local professionals detect and correct issues such as root-cutting, slab-leak detection, and provide preservation processes including pipe-thawing, back-flow prevention, water-damage prevention, pipe-system cleaning, and safe gas appliance installation.

An optimally operating water and septic system provides the best safeguard for avoiding business and residential property damage. Scheduling regular inspections from trustworthy companies, like HY-PRO Plumbing and Drain Cleaning (find one near you at, offers a smart investment for preserving the entire water system, while maintaining the value of a home or business.