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Secure Your Business in Truro

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Offsite SafeTruro is a beautiful city that attracts many visitors from all over the world each year. Due to its location and attractive architecture the city is known as one of the top destinations for retail and leisure along with administration in Cornwall. Many business owners set up in this delightful part of the world, expecting the idyllic lifestyle found in such a relaxing setting. However, all businesses have to be aware of security issues.

Protect Your Business
There are several basic security steps all businesses in Truro need to remember. Following these steps will help you to protect your company from damage, theft and vandalism, whether you’re an independent retailer or providing business services from your own offices.

Doors and Windows
Check your property paying close attention to the doors and windows. If they are old and don’t have modern locks, your property could easily be targeted by thieves looking for an easy target. Modernising the windows and doors will not only make it more difficult for your property to be entered, they will also be designed to be more energy efficient, helping you to save money on your energy bills. Check out the quality doors Truro has available and make a sensible investment.

Offsite Safe
Keeping all of your valuable data in one place is never a good idea. All paperwork and digital data needs to be backed up and stored somewhere away from your business address. You can use a couple of methods of data protection:

  • Saving your data manually onto discs or removable hard drives and storing them in a safe at your home or another location
  • Use cloud computing software and virtually back up your data and files

If you are not protecting your data you could end up in serious trouble if your business property is targeted by thieves or if there is a fire in the property. If the only safe you have is within your offices or shop make sure it’s one that cannot be damaged by fire and is secured to the wall or floor so it cannot be forcibly removed.

Alarm Systems
It is worth installing an alarm that will alert the nearby habitants and the police to unauthorised access. Pick a system that you can afford and remember to set it each time you leave the property unattended. There are many different systems available, some that have 24 hour monitoring and others that merely make a noise so neighbours in the area can alert the police. Make sure the alarm is clearly visible on the outside of the property as sometimes the presence of the alarm is enough to put petty thieves off attempting to break in.

Security Guards
If you have a lot of valuable equipment or assets you might benefit from using a security guard. Guards patrolling your property send a clear message out to any would-be thieves. Security guards can be outsourced or you could hire your own. The costs involved do need to be evaluated to see if it is worth the expense.