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How to Make Your Truro Home More Sellable

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Home SellingPreparing your home for your potential buyers is an important part of selling your home. This is known as staging, and when it’s done right you can sell your property faster and even add value to the asking price. It’s a good idea to begin the staging process a few months before you put your home on the market, here’s how to go about it.

Fix the Minor Repairs
Minor repairs will put buyers off as soon as they see them. If you haven’t filled in any holes or replaced cracked tiles or broken drawers, potential purchasers will be left wondering what else is wrong with the property. Make sure you take care of all these repairs one at a time; you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can fix the place up. If there are any extensive repairs, you may need to call in your local handyman, electrician or plumber to help you get the work done, but this is money well spent.

Update the Kitchen and Bathroom
Take the time to update the main rooms in the home, which include the bathroom and the kitchen (the other room is the master bedroom). If you don’t have a large budget, a fresh lick of paint and replacing kitchen cabinet doors or surfaces will make the world of difference. Remove all the appliances from the surfaces to give the appearance of space and clean out all your cupboards – some buyers will have a nose! Finally, consider replacing old white goods with efficient new ones as they will help you to sell the home and often you’ll be able to recoup the full value.

Replace the Windows and Doors
Old windows and doors will make the property appear in poor condition. Brand new windows and doors from Truro will immediately smarten up the property and add value. Pick composite doors or UPVC doors as they don’t require a lot of maintenance and they come in various styles so you’ll be able to find the right ones to suit your property. New windows and doors help to make properties more secure and insulated, helping the future owners save on their energy bills – a real bonus for buyers.

Tidy Up
Have a good clear out. Go through each of the rooms and remove all the clutter, putting things into storage or giving them to charity if you’re not going to want the items in your new home. Ensure each room is organised, clearing under the bed and inside the cupboards as well as in the areas that are visible. Take the time to clean the curtains and the carpets and give the walls and ceiling a lick of paint if it’s looking dirty or drab.

Create Attractive Aromas
It’s a great idea to put on some fresh coffee or bake before a viewing. These smells are appealing to buyers and help them to picture life in your home. Bad smells should be targeted at the source and not simply covered up. Finally, ensure all the bins are emptied and that you take the time to add fresh towels in the bathrooms and bedding in all the bedrooms.