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Change Is Underfoot: Going From Carpet to Hardwood Flooring

Monday, June 10th, 2019

After living with a carpeted floor for some time, you may be wondering if a switch to hardwood flooring might be right for you. While you might enjoy the softness of a pile carpet under your feet — especially in the colder months — the constant maintenance and upkeep of its fibers might have you looking for greener pastures. Outlined below are just a few positives to installing hardwoods in your home.

Choose From an Array of Options

Hardwood flooring can be fully customizable to your tastes. Depending on the wood species, stain, and finish you choose, your new floors can exude warmth and elegance, or feel cool and modern. Individual board size can also influence the look and feel of a room; a wide monarch plank European oak can offer a hint of luxury due to fewer seams and larger swaths of grain, while two to three-inch planks feel traditional and can offer more natural color variation.

Increase Your Home Value

These days, wood flooring is held at a premium. The inherent attractiveness in wood floors might lie both in their handcrafted quality and their ability to serve as a natural underpinning for any decor. However, they are also relatively low-maintenance and built to last, needing only a refinish every few decades or so to sand away any wear and tear and apply a new protective finish. 

Making a Lasting Decision

The life span of quality carpet can range between ten to fifteen years, depending on the level of activity and care to which it is exposed. Hardwood floors have a storied reputation for outlasting even their homeowners, and as such are considered a lifetime investment.

If you have been itching to renovate your home, changing up your floors might be a natural starting point. Going from carpet to oak, walnut, or maple planks can transform the overall look of your home, and may just be the one change-up you need.