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Why Choose Automatic Sprinklers? Find Out More!

Monday, March 17th, 2014

lawn-sprinklerHere’s a thought experiment: close your eyes and picture your dream home. What do you see? While the size, shape and location of these fantasy properties may vary from person to person, there is one feature that is certain to be there no matter what else is involved in the picture: a beautiful, lush green lawn. A well-maintained outdoor landscape goes an extremely long way toward the overall appeal of any residential or commercial property – but that said, it can be more difficult than you might think to turn this particular fantasy into a reality. The goal of a beautiful, lush lawn can be difficult to achieve, especially since the task most of us understand is a fundamental aspect of the maintenance of a beautiful lawn – watering – is surprisingly difficult to properly keep up. Watering is probably the single biggest contributing factor to a lawn’s success or failure, but it can be difficult to take care of it on your own. That’s why automatic sprinklers and/or flow meters can be a lawn owner’s biggest ally.

There are different options available to any homeowner when it comes to watering a lawn. Drip irrigation using a soaker hose is one method, but this isn’t particularly practical for use on larger areas, so it’s primarily best to use on a lawn’s borders, leaving the bulk of the property still in need of a reliable system. Some property owners choose to go the manual route by using a hose or even a watering can to irrigate their grass, but this method, however well-intentioned, can be dodgy – since many owners don’t understand the particularities of their land, the outdoor climate, or the plants that take up residence on their lawn, they frequently over- or underestimate the amount of water their lawn needs, and end up doing more harm than good. (Not to mention the fact that many of us are simply too busy to remember to water the lawn on the kind of regular, reliable schedule it needs in order to stay healthy.) When it comes down to it, the only method of reliable lawn irrigation comes through the installation of lawn sprinklers from a company. These can be turned on manually or set with a timer to go on and off automatically, which is preferable and makes the job much easier for many property owners.

Lawn sprinklers go a long way toward making yard work and care easier for everyone involved. They remove the need for the actual physical labor of going over the whole lawn with a hose, or of having to constantly move the hose and attached sprinkler head so that the water spray covers the entire lawn. In the case of larger properties, this manual process can be not only tedious but impractical. Even if you’re using a sprinkler that attaches to your hose, it must be turned on and off manually, which means that it can be subject to your forgetfulness and end up ruining your lawn’s health just the same as if you forgot to water it with a hose on the proper schedule. We’re all familiar with the cringe-inducing sight of water runoff caused by a distracted owner, sometimes resembling a babbling brook as it runs down a suburban street. Automatic sprinklers provide a solution to this lawn-ruining, environment-destroying problem by allowing you to have complete control over their scheduling, and automating the times when they turn on and off.

Automatic irrigation and sprinkler systems also allow you, the home or business owner, to choose the particular time of day when your lawn can be watered. Many people are unaware of the fact that watering a lawn during the hottest part of the day is inefficient at best, since evaporation caused by the sun can cause the water to disappear before it has time to do its work on your grass. Experts recommend watering during the early morning or late evening, but some people prefer to water very late at night, when there is no possibility of getting people or pets wet. This option is only available using an automatic sprinkler system, since the chances are that you are busy with other things, such as working, spending time with your family or even sleeping when these things are happening. Plus, being able to control the duration and timing of your lawn’s irrigation helps to limit your water usage, with the added benefit of saving you money and looking out for the environment.

Of course, the ultimate advantage of the ease and control automatic sprinklers systems can afford you is the way they help you achieve your ultimate goal of having an attractive lawn. Automatic sprinkler systems are the first step towards turning your home into the fantasy property of your dreams. It all starts with a fresh, green lawn.