Three Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Countertops

Today, we’re going to discuss the maintenance of your kitchen countertops because you want your new ones to last longer than the previous models. Before you upgraded from a location like EleMar Oregon, your countertops looked pretty bad. There were burn marks in one location and cracks in another. In addition, scratches of various lengths stretched across the entire surface. Furthermore, it was filled with bacteria from all the food you dropped, cut, and spilled on it.

A Promise to do Better

Now you have a colorful countertop that enhances your kitchen and softens the surrounding rooms. As the installation crew wiped its surface down one last time, you vowed to do better to maintain its quality. In the end, you want your return on investment to match or be greater than what you initially paid. You’re just not sure how to do this. To assist you, here are three ways you can maintain your kitchen countertops. Read up on the Material You love the design and color of the countertops, but do you know about the material they’re made from? If not, then perform an internet search on your countertop type. The results should reveal if they are heat and/or scratch resistant and what can cause them to chip or dent. Once you know this then you can make preparations to avoid potential problems. Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners No matter how tough the stain, you don’t want to use abrasive liquids like bleach or products such as scrubbing pads to remove it. Even though the countertop’s surface may be sturdy, those products can cause scratches or discoloring. Use a mixture of liquid detergent, baking soda, and water to break down the stain while maintaining the quality of the surface.Use a Cutting Board Do not cut directly on the countertop. First, it can lead to scratches. Second, bacteria from meat and unwashed produce might spread across its surface. Use a clean cutting board during food preparation. Adhere to these three suggestions to keep your countertops at their best. Natural Stone Oregon


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