Is there room for improvement in your sleeping space?

sleeping spaceThere are few things in life more important than getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can leave you grumpy, miserable and unable to do your work or enjoy your life. But there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you are getting enough rest, and the first place to start making changes is in the bedroom. Take a look around your sleeping space and make sure that it is a haven of tranquillity, rather than a nightmare waiting to happen.

Make a clean sweep

One of the easiest things to do is to clean your bedroom and get rid of any clutter. There is little chance of achieving a clear mind at bedtime if you cannot even manage a clear floor. Make sure you have plenty of storage in your room and get rid of any items that do not compliment a restful atmosphere. Computers and televisions are for sitting rooms and offices only!

Shades of silence
If your bedroom walls are painted purple, red and orange and your duvet cover is louder than back stage at a rock concert, chances are you will not sleep well. Every colour is said to prompt a particular emotion in a person, so think about painting walls in a shade that will promote relaxation and harmony and choosing accessories and furniture to match.

The colour blue is said to lower blood pressure and slow down your heart rate and breathing. This is a good choice for bedrooms where calmness and serenity is the key. Just be careful about the tone you choose, as some blues can prompt a feeling of coldness and that is not what you want when you are snuggled up in bed.

Green is another good choice as it is supposed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and give the impression of being comfortable and warm. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours – a splash of yellow, for example, can add a sunshine feel – but keep them in proportion.

The big bed question
Unsurprisingly, choosing the right bed is vital in achieving a good night’s rest – every time. The bed you choose should be the right size for your room and fit in with the style you have chosen, but it should also be right for your body.

The Sleep Council, the consumer education branch of the National Bed Federation, has lots of tips on choosing a bed.

There are countless varieties of beds, frames and mattresses on the market such as those available at Beds at Forrest Furnishing so there really is no excuse for not finding the right one.

One of the most memorable things about going on holiday to a nice hotel is waking up after a perfect night’s sleep in a lovely, well-decorated, relaxing room. With a little bit of decorating, thought, and research, you could have this feeling every single day of the week.


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