Building A Creche for Fun and Devotion

With the Christmas season upon us the urge to decorate the outside of our houses to celebrate the holiday is likely to become overwhelming. There is just something joyful in the air for those who easily catch it and the easiest way to express that joy is with lights and other decorations. In this situation the best we can do is to give into the urge and have some fun with the idea. There are a number of ways to decorate the house, and most of those ways begin with outdoor nativity sets. With that as a given, it is important to stage things right.’

The nativity scene hearkens back to the era of Saint Francis of Assisi, who was looking for a way to remind people to forsake the materialism of the holiday and return to its spirituality. Originally the scenes used living people, but the sets were eventually replaced with statuary and other objects.  The nobles started collecting nativity sets, with a preference for the unique, and the idea spread across Europe, eventually becoming a tradition. There are a number of different variations on the basic set, to the point that someone can tell the land of origin of the particular set.

Suffice to say that there are two schools of thought when it comes to an outdoor nativity scene. The first is that the display should be a living display. This is actually the hardest one to set up, as it requires a number of people as well as the sets. If the person setting the scene up is really having fun with it, the display will include animals as well, making it just a little more difficult as they need food and care. Fake animals can be used, either stuffed, painted or other representations for those looking to include them but not the associated problems. This can be a fun project to take on. Browse online at St. Patrick’s Guild to find outdoor nativity collections at good prices.

The statuary version can be fun as well, especially if it is hard to collect the pieces. Some opt to create the crèche itself, adding or omitting details as desired. This allows them to make it as realistic or abstract as possible, allowing for a personal touch to the scene. Although some take advantage of this to make a political statement or some other kind of statement, most simply recreate the original scene as well as they can. Either way the creator can have a lot of fun finding ways to create specific characters and settings.

An outdoor nativity scene can be fun to create. The only detail that is not obvious is that there should be some form of security. For living scenes there is always the possibility that someone may try to attack the scene in order to make a point of some sort. For more artificial versions part of the display may be stolen; stealing part of an outdoor nativity scene is a tradition in some areas. Either way a nativity scene can be a lot of fun to display and is a fine way to display the person’s religious devotion.


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