What’s Behind the Rising Popularity of Gel Burning Fireplaces?

Most every home improvement store out there today has gel burning fireplaces on display front and center. It’s also common to see numerous advertisements posted in local newspapers, on signage and online which promote fireplaces that burn fireplace gel fuel instead of wood. Many people who are unfamiliar with this type of fireplace wonder what all the hoopla is about with these fireplaces that are being so heavily advertised. Let’s take a look at these fireplaces a bit closer to find out what has made them so popular.

They’re Safe
Because a gel burning fireplace is smokeless and doesn’t leave hot ashes behind, this type of fireplace is very safe to use. There is no worry about this type of fireplace emitting carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide into the air plus it does no damage to the environment outdoors because there are no fumes directed outside. Because these fireplaces don’t require any sort of vent or chimney, they pose no risk for fire that is caused by a buildup of creosote like wood burning fireplaces.

Many Types and Styles Available
One of the reasons so many people are buying fireplaces which burn gel is because they’re given numerous choices in these fireplaces. You can find gel burning fireplace inserts that fit right into your existing fireplace, wall-mounted varieties and portable gel burning fireplace units that you can move from room to room.

Affordable to Buy and Use
The free-standing, portable gel burning fireplaces on the market today are very popular among budget-conscious consumers due to their affordability. You can easily find a great, high quality, good looking free-standing model that won’t cost you any more than a couple hundred dollars which is far less than what you’d have to pay for a wood burning unit.

The fireplace gel fuel used to run a gel burning fireplace comes in a can and each container burns for about three hours with a beautiful vibrant yellow flame. You can find these fuel cans for sale online from sources such as SunJel wherein you only have to pay about $50 for a lot of 12 cans. That means you’ll be able to operate your fireplace for a full 45 hours before needing to purchase another set of fuel cans.

Unbeatable Ambiance
When the fireplace gel fuel is burning, it emits a beautiful yellow-orange flame and the sound of crackling wood to offer a lot of charm and ambiance. When you have one of these fireplaces inside your home, you shouldn’t be surprised if guests ask you about your new “wood burning” fireplace because many people mistake gel burning fireplaces with the ‘real thing’.

A Cinch to Install
A free-standing gel burning fireplace can be installed very easily in just about one hour, making these fireplaces very popular among homeowners who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to have wood burning fireplaces or stoves installed in their homes. And, because portable gel burning fireplaces can be easily moved, you can enjoy the flexibility of using your gel burning fireplace anywhere inside your home where you want more warmth and charm.


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