Tips to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

HomeDo the four walls of your home feel like they are closing in on you? Often, smaller homes can feel claustrophobic and depressing when they are not optimised for the habitants. There’s no need to move home, though; there are plenty of ways to make any home feel more spacious and make it work better for you and your family.

Knock Down Some Walls
Not everyone has the budget to go knocking walls down, but it is worth considering. Open-plan living will make the best use of the space and brighten the whole area. If you’re unable to combine the living room, kitchen, and dining room into one (or you don’t like the idea of open-plan living), you could still benefit by knocking down part of the external wall in one of your back rooms.

Add bi-fold doors from and open up the space to the outdoors. The extra windows will bring in much more natural light, resulting in the space feeling so much more spacious than before.

Live a Clutter-Free Life
Clutter only serves to make the rooms in the home feel fuller, resulting in a closed-in feeling. Commit to living as clutter-free as possible, introducing better storage systems or doing away with all the little ornaments and trinkets that fill up the shelves. If you don’t want to live without any clutter, buy furniture with solid doors that can be closed so the clutter is out of view.

Plan the Layout of the Rooms
Think carefully about how you position your furniture in each room. Try different layouts and choose a style that provides you with maximum floor space and convenient arrangements for your activities and lifestyle. Make sure that the flow of traffic isn’t blocked by any furniture if possible. You may have to swap your furniture choices for styles that are more compact. Oversized furniture is not a good addition to any home with space issues.

Make the Most of Any Natural Light
Natural lighting is far more effective at making the rooms in small homes feel bigger. Artificial light is useful for those dark areas in corners or windowless rooms, but always celebrate the natural light as much as possible. In the warmer months, change the curtains for sheers so the light shines through without any hindrance. All windows should also be free from clutter, and use mirrors on the walls to reflect the light around the space. Another option is to add a conservatory onto the back or side of your home to capture more light and expand the space you have available on the ground floor.

Use Light Colours
Painting a dark space a dark colour will only make it more depressing. Pick white, beige, and pale colours so the room feels as big as possible. If you like dark colours, you can still use them in your accessories or artwork on the walls, but be careful not to overload the room.


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