The Benefits of Good Workwear

Your profession determines the type of clothing you wear. The vast majority of companies implement a workwear code; larger employers feel that their employees should be kitted out in the same style of clothing because it can promote their business. These companies may also want to purchase workwear with their name or logo printed onto it, such as embroidered workwear. If a firm provides smart workwear then they in return have a smart workforce. Much of the workwear for construction workers is designed with safety in mind. People who work in the construction industry are expected to wear clothes that comply with health and safety legislation.

In general hard hats are an important piece of safety equipment for those who work in the construction industry. The hard hats are constructed from a highly durable material that can protect the wearer from head injury. Hard hats are an important workwear item; some hats are fitted with shields that protect the face and eyes.

People who work in the construction industry must wear protective footwear, safety footwear is made to protect and support the workers feet and ankles. In general safety shoes and boots have protective toecaps, boots with steel toecaps will protect the wearers feet should anything heavy drop onto them.

Safety eyewear is another important piece of workwear for construction workers. The workplace can be filled with hazardous airborne objects that could cause untold damage if they went into a workman’s eye. Safety goggles can be non-prescription or prescription and they are usually constructed from rigid plastic materials.

Wearing the proper safety wear can save lives and numerous construction workers are required by law to wear high visibility clothing. When a workman wears hi viz clothing it ensures that he or she will be seen in bad weather conditions or dull light. This type of workwear is also used by road workers.

Gloves are another important item of work wear. Many people are expected to handle chemicals or dangerous substances so their hands should always be protected. Rigger gloves are used in the construction industry because they protect the hands whilst handling bricks etc. Builders may find that they are asked to carry out wet work tasks and some firms supply polyethylene over sleeves to keep the worker’s arms dry.

Some who work in the building industry may have to spend a lot of time doing jobs whilst on their knees, long periods of kneeling can be uncomfortable and cause joint damage. Knee protection ensures that the kneecaps are well protected and cushioned whilst working.

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