Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Looking Its Best

images (4)Now that you’ve moved in to your new home it’s your responsibility to keep it maintained. Routine servicing and maintenance will help your home be look better, operate at peak efficiency, and last longer before needing major repairs.

Routine Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Most maintenance you can do yourself. In fact, a lot of what enables as maintenance you may already be doing.

Test battery power. All homes should have a fire alarm and a co sensor. Keep these devices free of dust and examine their battery power every month to create sure they’re still working.

Clean the home. Yes, this matters as routine maintenance! Dirt and mud can create problems with the finish on cabinets. Sand, dirt and waste stuck in can damage floors or carpet if it’s not taken proper care. Anywhere that dust can develop up, it can take hold and create stains which are difficult to get away.

Clean gutters. Keeping sticks, leaves and other waste out of the rain gutters inhibits water from backing up and damaging your ceiling or roof. Fresh your gutters once or twice a season, more often if you have a lot of falling leaves or notice water back up.

Check exterior. Once a season, conduct a visual inspection of the outside of your home. Look for chips in the paint, breaks in the siding, or holes between windows and doors and fix those before they let in pests or the elements. Look into the ceiling for missing tiles or shingles, or places where water could get in. Look into the flashing around the ceiling and fireplace and create sure it’s in good. And create sure water is draining away from the home, not towards it.


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