Learn how a gas smart meter can save you money

A gas smart meter will completely change how energy accounts are managed and billed for. This change will most definitely be in the best interests of the consumer as it will save money and make running the energy account so much easier.

What is a smart meter?

A gas smart meter replaces the traditional meter that you will already have installed. These are being rolled out gradually in line with government targets and all homes should be fitted with one by the end of 2019. Having a gas smart meter fitted costs nothing and will save you a significant amount of money.

A gas smart meter sends real time data usage information wirelessly to British Gas who use this information to produce accurate gas bills over the previously often estimated ones.

How can it help me save money?

A gas smart meter can help you save money in a variety of ways. As has already been mentioned, a gas smart meter will completely eliminate the need for estimated bills which means that customers will only be paying for the exact amount of gas that they have used.

Using a gas smart meter can save you money on your gas bills in a variety of other ways. By being able to keep an eye on your usage more closely and manage your account online you can identify any high usage and actually visualise how any change you make effects your usage. This in turn will aid you in becoming more energy efficient overall.

British Gas also monitors the data sent via a gas smart meter and can ensure that you are on the best tariff and are receiving the best offers according to your usage. To find out more about smart metering from British Gas and how you can benefit, visit the British Gas website.

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