House Dust mites And Their Prevention

house-dust0House dust mites are becoming well known household problem as more studies about how they affect our wellness have been revealed. More products have also been presented in the market that supposed to decrease or totally eliminate these mites from our furniture. Despite many book and reviews on house dust mites, it is not amazing for many to consider bed bugs for dust mites, confused where their hideouts are and what harm they can cause to our wellness. House dust mites are minute 8-legged pests, about 0.5mm in length for a big adult size. You can’t see them clearly without using a microscope. If you spot a small pest running on your bed mattress, likely it is not a dust mite! House dust mites neither suck our blood nor nip our skin. They nourish on our shed skin flakes. So, they don’t chew. Unless your room’s window is never opened out and ac is turned on 24 hours every day, there will be chances where dust mites from outside enter your room and disturb when you sleep. Dust mite’s faeces and excrement’s contain certain protein that induce allergic reaction responses when consumed by those who are vulnerable towards them and develop symptoms like coughing, nausea, scratchy skin, scratchy eyes, etc. It is impossible to remove 100% dust mites from a home but with sufficient safety measure steps, you can effectively reduce their existence in your home. Do not be deceived by marketing guarantees that tells total reduction of dust mites.


Tips to decrease Home Dust Mites:

• Vacuum bed mattress, upholstery, and carpets every week.
• Cover bed mattress and cushions with dust mite proof covers. Covers should be cleaned monthly with hot water above 60 C.
• Clean bed sheets and pillowcases and cushion case every week with hot water above 60 C.
• Remove furry soft toys from bed and prevent furry animals to get into the bedroom.

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