Hotel Decor for Your Home

If you’ve ever stayed in a fine hotel you may have wished you could live the same way in your own home and the reality is that you can. It used to be that the better hotels featured exotic European imports unheard of in America – things like heated towel warmers and handheld showerheads in the bathroom along with fancy feather duvets and square European decorative pillows on the beds – pretty luxurious stuff that you could never even find in a store at the mall.

While you still may not be able to find such amenities at the mall you can certainly find a wide range of similar items along with many more innovative bed and bath products online. Take a look at the websites of the bedding and bath stores you already know and trust and you’ll be amazed at what’s on offer. Those heated towel warmers that seemed so exotic are not only affordable but very practical – use them to dry fine washables, warm baby clothing and blankets and even heat and dry mittens and scarves. You will find wall-mounted models along with free-standing units and even counter top models which are perfect for a smaller bathroom.

The handheld showerhead is an easy upgrade but you may actually decide it makes more sense to install a complete shower system which offers a spa-like experience while also conserving water. Maybe the medicine and vanity cabinets in the hotel featured fancy drawer pulls and knobs that added a touch of elegance; it’s easy to replace your own bathroom hardware with something unique that totally transforms and personalizes an otherwise mundane bathroom. Step up a notch more by investing in monogrammed towels for an extra touch of luxury.

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