Can Wooden Flooring Be Fitted DIY Style

Wood flooring are often not a cheap flooring solution. It does not mean that buyers should refrain from buying and fitting wood flooring it merely means that searching for ways to reduce the total cost is legitimate. One area that buyers look at to save is the cost of fitting the floor. After the cost of the wood itself, it is the most significant cost of the entire project.


A popular question amongst buyers is can wood flooring be fitted do it yourself style. The answer often depends on the type of wood flooring that was selected for the area.


Wood flooring contains two types solid wood made from complete wood and engineered wood made from varied construction of wood and other materials. When it comes to fitting solid wood, your options are limited between glue-down, nail-down and staple-down fitting. These methods require some level of experience and use of specific machinery. On the other hand, engineered wood is suitable for these three as well as for an alternative method called floating installation. Due to the lighter weight of the engineered planks, they can interconnect using the weight of the plank itself. This method of fitment is the most user friendly and only engineered floor can be fitted in such a manner. Solid wood flooring should be fitted by a certified fitter or at least by buyers with some level and experience of basic home improvement projects.  Machinery can be hired, but accessories such as adhesives should be sourced before hand.

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