How to choose the perfect rug for any space

perfect rugWhether it’s a luxury hand-woven, traditional Oriental or cutting edge modern design, nothing brings a room together like a well-chosen rug. When it comes to deciding on the perfect rug for your particular space, there are some easy to follow rules that will ensure that you pick a design that adds both comfort and style to your home. Choosing is always lots of fun!

Most rooms will benefit from the incorporation of a rug into the design scheme. Rugs have several practical benefits: they are a soft surface underfoot, they can hide any less than perfect areas of wooden flooring, and they are a good starting point for putting together a room’s overall colour scheme. A thick rug also has impressive soundproofing qualities, and, of course, they are portable, meaning that if you move house, your rug can move with you.

The style of rug will depend on where it is to be located. If the rug is to go under a dining table, for example, make sure it is tough enough to withstand the movement of the chair legs. A heavily patterned needlepoint rug is perfect for this purpose, as it is made of tough fibres, and the intricate patterning will camouflage any accidental spills. In a bedroom, you may opt for a more textured or fluffy rug, but make sure it is not in a high traffic area.

Consider what will work in harmony with the rest of your decor. For good examples, http://www.dunelm has a wide choice for all tastes. If you have mostly modern furniture, a modern rug can pull the design together. Conversely, a more antique style can add contrast. If the room has unusual proportions, a well-placed, highly patterned rug can distract from this. A well-chosen pattern can also create different illusions. So, in a narrow hallway a horizontally striped runner can make the space look wider than it actually is. A dark rug in a light space can provide a great focal point. For more information about design considerations, sources such as HGTV are very useful for ideas and inspiration.

These days, rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so it should be easy to find something perfect for your home. It is a good idea to tape out the space that the rug will take up in the room to make sure it looks right before you commit to a purchase. If you are going for a whole room rug, there still needs to be a border of at least twenty centimetres around the edge, and the rug should not touch the walls at any point. You can also go for a variety of rugs if the space is large, to differentiate different areas in an open plan space, for example, in the living room, dining room or study. Small rugs really do complement a more compact room and can pull together a space.


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